Shows and Exams

TBC : Lets Dance UK’s Examinations.

Venue: Stardust Studios in Ashford

Description: Exam class students are invited to take part in IDTA examination on this date.

Forms/Invites: Will be given out in Term 1

TBC possible date of Saturday in 20th April 2023  : Lets Dance UK’s Showcase.

Venue: Maidstone Girls Grammar School

Description: Every Lets Dance student will be invited to perform on this date including those schools Lets Dance runs workshops/clubs.

Forms/Invites: Will be given out after half term

TBC: Chance to Dance

Venue: The Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks

Description: Student who wish to take part in Saturday rehearsals as invited to perform along side other Dance schools at  Chance to Dance.

Fetes and Fun days 

Let’s Dance UK often take part in school and community events to support the local community. If you would like us to perform at you event please get in touch.